Day something something…

I know what you’re thinking. Was day 365 the end? Is it all over? Was Katie a ghost all along and I see dead people (yes. The answer is yes)?

Well, it’s not over. I just needed a blogging break. Not having to take a photo of myself everyday is awesome. The amount of makeup I apply has plummeted, I spend even more time in my jammies and I’ve worn the same thing constantly.

So what have I been up to? I dressed up as a convict for a crime party.

 P1110449 P1110451 P1110443

I dressed up fancy pants for a fancy restaurant.

P1110360 I spent large amount of time patting my animals.

P1110377 P1110379


I cleaned out my wardrobe. A bit.


I discovered Cindy is terrified of the plastic tiger. Who knows why? P1110426 P1110418 P1110411 P1110400

Oh, and I wrapped up 12 weeks of boot camp and went from getting a 4.5 on the beep test to a 7.1. BOOM.


What have you been up to?


No really, its definitely, officially over. I’ve worn something new from my wardrobe, everyday for a year (and then some, thanks to my poor date/time skills). The only items that were repeated were skirts and shorts/ pants, because I have more tops than bottoms and I am not Lady Ga Ga. And I barely, barely slipped up and bought anything. Let’s not dwell on that time I bought that skirt. Other than that, not shopping for a year wasn’t that hard. I think I may have broken my shopping habit!


I decided to end on one of my favourite dresses, a late 1950s shirt-waister. I love the material, the shape, the collar, the buttons, the pattern… it’s pretty amazing.


So, what would you like to see happen next with this blog? Shall I keep posting? Should I just dedicate it to pictures of my cats? Would you like me to get off your internets? Let me know.

 P1110339 P1110340

Dress: 1950s vintage from a vintage fair

Shoes: Zensu

Day 364 – Grrrrrr, arrrrrrgggggggg

So on Monday I started this failsafe diet to help with my migraine, as recommended by a dietician. Erm, no. My body thrives on junk food. I got a migraine within hours and it lasted for days – in fact that’s why I’m only just catching with the blog. The idea of looking at a screen made me want peel my eyes out. I put on this sacklike outfit to visit the doctor and beg her for delightful pain meds.

 P1110347 P1110351 P1110348

Dress: Seafolly

Day 363 – Let’s pretend I ironed this

Let’s also pretend I’m wearing my wedding rings (don’t worry, they are just off getting replated/ cleaned). I feel like this is something Taylor Swift would wear, and that’s what drew me to it. The girl may be annoying, but she has some pretty dresses and I appreciate that I have no idea what her butt cleavage looks like, unlike many other pop stars. Seriously, Rhianna. It’s called a shirt. Look into it.

 P1110322 P1110329 P1110325 P1110323

Dress: Veronika Maine

Belts: 1960s vintage

Shoes: Joanne Mercer

Day 362 – This should really be day 365. Where did I go wrong?

Seeing as I started April 2, 2012, then April 1, 2013 should be the 365th day, right? RIGHT? WHAT HAPPENED HERE?

Oh well, I will just keep going till we hit 365 sometime this week. I went all nautical for an Easter Monday barbecue and spent the entire night hiking up my stupid top. Up yours strapless shirt!

P1110315 P1110312 P1110313 P1110306 P1110304


Shirt: Cooper St

Skirt: Q’s Vintage Daydream handmade

Shoes: Melissas, via ebay

Day 360 – The great bake

Ah, the joys of a fully functioning gas stove. Isn’t it glorious? I spent my Saturday in a very 80s outfit, creating the most decadent cupcakes known to man. Chocolate brownie with Russian caramel icing. So incredibly tasty it’s outrageous.

P1110260 P1110269 P1110271 P1110266 P1110262 P1110265 

Shirt: Supre, many years ago, before they sucked

Skirt: Jay Jays

Day 359 – Good Sushi Friday

Apparently you don’t eat meat on Good Friday – how did I miss this in my religious upbringing? I’ve read the Bible multiple times! Anyway, because of this I attended an awesome make-your-sushi evening at a friends and in sticking with the fish theme, wore my favourite sailor dress.

P1110219 P1110258 P1110242 P1110237 P1110252 P1110230 P1110229 P1110220

Dress: Pin Up Couture

Day 358 – Stripes are all right with me

Hello five day weekend, and thank you night shift ensuring me a day off today. I spent the day traversing around the city visiting a dietician in an effort to help my migraines. She basically said I can never eat anything I enjoy again…. No, really. Google the Failsafe diet and that’s what I’m on. Shoot me now.

P1110214 P1110218 P1110217

Shirt: Staple

Skirt: Hi There by Karen Walker

Bag: Fossil

Day 357 – Blue 50s fabulousness

I tend to wear this dress to job interviews and other important engagements – it’s says fun but professional, yes? Ok, maybe not. But people keep hiring me in it! I didn’t have a job interview today, but as I near the end of the challenge I’m whipping out everything left that is work appropriate. There’s not much to go…

P1110191 P1110208 P1110201 

Dress: 1950s from a Melbourne vintage shop

Belt: From another 50s dress

Shoes: Joanne Mercer

Day 356 – A $10 dress

I count this dress among some of my favourite finds. I found it at a little market on my second visit to Melbourne for just $10. I didn’t have time to try it on and sort of hoped the waist would fit, but it fit perfectly and now I wear it basically every week… until I started this challenge. Stupid challenge.

P1110181 P1110186 P1110185

Dress: 1970s vintage

Shoes: Zensu

Belt: stolen from a 50s dress.